Goblin Clan Miniature Pack

Type: Mini Bundles

Naturally Evil: Living in caves, dungeons, and all other manner of nasty places. Goblins are humanoid creatures and the smallest of all Goblinoids. They usually serve hobgoblins and bugbears, and will abuse any power they obtain almost instantly. In large groups they can overwhelm creatures much stronger than themselves. 

Product Details

- 1 Goblin King
- 1 Goblin Chief
- 2 Goblin Swordsmen
- 2 Goblin Maces
- 4 Goblin Archers

(Contact us if you have custom requests for the bundle contents)

  • 3D Printed- Resin Printer
  • Base Size- 15mm 'Small Creature' (Can be scaled up on request)

Design Details - Designs Created By Miguel Zavala

Note From the QuestBourne Team

We print every miniature and wash/clean them manually. While there's always the chance for small defects or anomalies in 3D prints, we try our best to make sure that every miniature that we ship is as close to perfect as we can make it!