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The Story of QuestBourne

Not so long ago in the mystical and fabled land of New Jersey, three friends travelled across sprawling, deserted plains and treacherous, beast-ridden forests to meet at the craggy apex of a tremendous hill.

They came together at great risk to their wellbeing, determined to see their mission through no matter what the costs. They enlisted the aid of the infamous wizard Annie Coobik, who toiled for days at a task long thought impossible: the creation of life through magic alone.

Using forbidden "3D Printing" spells found in the ancient, crumbling texts the adventurers had collected, the wizard set to her task with an unnatural fervor. One-by-one fearsome creatures sprang from the earth, screeching and snarling at the alien sensations of their new existence.

The adventurers watched with equal parts excitement and horror as the monsters began spilling from the hill in a veritable wave of teeth, claws, and gruesome intent. Surely it would take hundreds, if not millions, of brave souls to stem this flood. As the wizard continued her maniacal operations, the three sat back and exchanged satisfied glances; this world, at least, would have its stories.

And so, QuestBourne began:
Such is the unembellished, historically and objectively accurate tale of how QuestBourne was... well, born! At least, that's how they tell it in the books.

Spurred on by our own chaotic, fun-filled experiences while playing RPGs together and inspired by the imagination, positivity, and good humor of the TRPG community, we three friends decided to start on a new quest. We founded Questbourne as a way of sharing our love for all things tabletop by providing high-quality, curated miniatures, models, dice towers, GM reference and source books, and more to supplement the adventures of creative minds around the world, no matter where they are in their journey.

As we grow, we aim to make Questbourne a home for TRPG players, miniature painters, veteran and novice storytellers, and collectors alike by providing an inclusive, collaborative platform for creative content and artistic expression. However you tell your story, Questbourne is here to help bring it to life!