Our Own Adventure

Our Own Adventure

What is Adventure?

Is it hiking the Himalayas or braving the depths of the Mariana Trench? Is it found only in those far corners of the world that still defy human attempts to traverse them? Is all that separates the adventurous from the mundane merely danger or is adventure something more?

We, like many of you, know it to be something more. We know adventure can be found right in your living room, your local coffee shop, or even your favorite bench in the park. Adventure is about the spirit of the task – the endeavor, great or small, the trying, the braving, the willingness to tackle something new and different, to face a challenge and overcome it at any cost; even if that challenge is brought to life by your mind alone.

Every new mini you paint, every new campaign you play, every new hobby you try is an adventure.

Departing from the Ordinary World

 Neon Sign: "I don't know where I'm going from here but I promise it won't be boring"

Photo Credit: Logan Weaver on Unsplash 

Adventures take courage. We know this well because QuestBourne is our biggest adventure yet. Our team is embarking on the sometimes herculean quest of bringing this company to life. And while what we do is deliver high-quality miniatures, supplies, campaigns, and more to you, it’s not the point of what we do. We’re not here to sell you minis. That might seem blatantly untrue given that this is posted on a website where we sell you minis, but the point of what we do, what we’re building, the adventure that is QuestBourne isn't just to sell stuff.

The point is to help you find, express, and enjoy your adventures to the fullest. The point is to say clearly that the things we do that brings us joy are not frivolous.

Experiencing the Unfamiliar

 Balloons above Tenochtitlan

Photo Credit: Cinthia Agiular on Unsplash

In the weeks, months and even years ahead, what we do and what we offer may change but that initial drive will not. With your help we can expand our team, design new models, build new campaigns, enter entirely new domains, maybe even summon forth inter-actable worlds from some of your favorite sci-fi and fantasy settings. With your help, we can make the world a bit more magical, more mystical, more adventurous.

And honestly, we’re a touch proud. Of ourselves for taking this risk and of you for all the wondrous journeys (and often kind words) you share with us. On the days we worry, the incredible support of the community always bolsters our spirits, because when you take time to find joy in your lives, you bring our minis with you. What could be more incredible for us than to be a part of that? 

Whats the best part about adventure you ask? The unknown. You never really know what’s coming next. Around the next corner, the next turn, the next moment always holds promise, sometimes of struggles and challenges that must be overcome, but also of triumphs that can only come to those who have faced a trial and prevailed. And while we may not string bows and swing swords, adventure hardly ends at the tabletop. We approach new relationships, new jobs, new homes, and the sense of adventure is there as well. 

So don't join us for the minis. Join us for the journey, for the community, for the adventure itself.

What lies on the road ahead? 

This month:

  • Launching our Patreon 
  • Releasing our first ever in-house designed fantasy tabletop adventure complete with our own QuestBourne minis.
  • Opening our first official HQ (no more printing out of garages and basements for us!)

You have made this possible, and we are incredibly grateful.

Until The Road Brings Us Together Again

Without further ado, let us part for now friend, with these final words:

There is a certain wonder of the human imagination that it can see so much more in the world than merely what is. It is a wonder of the human spirit that causes us to constantly reach for what might be just around the corner. After all…
Adventure Awaits.

Thank you for joining us on our adventure,

The QuestBourne Team