100 Town Quest Hooks - GM Series

Type: Resources

Looking for some inspiration?

Collected here is a 28 page list of unique adventure ideas which can be used as quest hooks in fantasy role-playing games. Our hope is that you can confidently reach for this list when you need some inspiration for your next session, when your adventuring party is idle, or simply when you want to introduce something new and bring a little variability to your world.


 This list is intended to focus on Town-specific Quest hooks.

The book is divided into the following 5 sections:
- Local Happenings
- Troubled Commoners
- Mysteries, Crimes, & Secret Plots
- Strange Occurrences & Magical Chaos
- Imminent Danger

Product Details
- 28 Page Resource
- Digital Format is PDF
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Note From the QuestBourne Team

This is the very first of many supplemental resources we plan to offer for tabletop GM's, so we're super excited to share this with you! If you have any fun/interesting/awesome stories of the adventures that result from the hooks contained in this resource, please make sure to send us a message so we can feature you on our social media! (Or on the website!).