Air Genie Tabletop Miniature

Type: Miniatures

In fantasy literature and folklore, an air genie is a powerful creature that is said to inhabit the skies and control the winds. These beings are often depicted as having vast magical powers and are believed to be able to manipulate the weather and control the elements. Air genies are typically portrayed as benevolent and wise, although they can also be capricious and unpredictable. In some stories, air genies are also known as sylphs or spirits of the air. While they are not as well-known as other mythical creatures such as dragons or unicorns, air genies continue to capture the imaginations of fantasy enthusiasts around the world with their graceful and ethereal presence.

Air Genie Miniature - Product Details

  • 3D Printed - Resin Printer
  • Specifications - Printed From Elegoo Water Washable Resin on the Anycubic Photon Mono X
  • Size - 50mm

Design Details - Licensed design created by Mini Monster Mayhem

Note From the QuestBourne Team

We print every miniature and wash/clean them manually. While there's always the chance for small defects or anomalies in 3D prints, we try our best to make sure that every miniature that we ship is as close to perfect as we can make it!